Week 12: Bluebird Day

After last week’s intensity, Week 12 was about attempting to recover. Fortunately, the weather was on my side, which allowed me to enjoy some lovely runs outdoors.   Saturday’s long run was absolutely gorgeous. Mom would have called it a bluebird day. The ice on Minnehaha Creek was breaking up, with channels of running water cutting through the still-frozen banks

. 2015-03-14 11.05.57

Down by Lake Harriet, the sky varied from a pale to an intense blue. The lake was still frozen, though parts of it were the consistency of a slurpee. All of the ice houses were gone, and I was amazed to see these two intrepid (and/or very foolish) ice fisherman carrying their buckets, rods and ice drill off the lake. 2015-03-14 12.13.24

The spot where I had seen the ice sculptures just one week before was completely thawed, and the ducks seemed much happier to have some warm patches along the bank.

2015-03-14 12.05.10

The run itself went well, though afterwards I was much more sore and stiff than usual. The kids and Sam got to hear a lot of groans each time I’d change from a seated to standing position, and it would take several minutes after standing before I could walk without limping.

After consulting with my trainer, we agreed that I hadn’t allowed myself to fully recover from last week’s 17 miler. That made the runs this week far more challenging. Luis prescribed 2 full days off and extra sleep next week, which should help me get into fighting shape for Saturday’s long run.

What did go exceptionally well this week was the fundraising. With a total number of 30 donors, we have raised $3,870!  With 6 weeks to go, we are off to a great start. Both Watt and I are humbled and incredibly grateful for your support.

Week 13 is going to be a big one. We are right in the middle of the “Monster Month,” as my friend Kara Lazarus described it. Wish us luck!

Here’s a link to my fundraising page

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