Chasing Down a Cure: Meredith’s week 9 Chicago Marathon update

Welcome to the second update for my friends and family who have contributed to the Michael J. Fox Foundation in support of my marathon and in honor of my Mom, Merrie Boone.

Yesterday, I completed a relatively relaxing Week 9. I’m following the Hal Higdon “Novice 1” schedule.  Hal is a renowned running coach who literally wrote the book on marathoning.  His plans are “relatively gentle” and are designed to get me across the finish line injury-free.  So far, so good.

With Hal, every 3rd week is one of the wonderful “step-back weeks,” when my long run is actually shorter than the week before. It sure puts things in perspective to realize that the 10 mile long run that intimidated me a few weeks ago is now a welcome break.  Of course, the piper must be paid: step-back weeks are always followed by a big step forward.  For Week 10, my long run is 15 miles, which will be yet another PR.

On the fundraising front, this week was anything but a “step-back.” In fact, this was the week that my efforts went viral!  As a marketer, I hope to someday develop a campaign that can come close to the response that this marathon has gotten from all of you. I continue to be amazed, moved and inspired by your support.

The marathon is exactly 2 months from tomorrow. Here comes Week 10!



Week 8 Miles Run: 24

Cumulative Miles Run: 178

Donors: 70

Dollars Raised: $6,980 (including $ donated toward Team Merrie Miles)

Weeks to go: 9

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