Chasing Down a Cure: Meredith’s Week 15 Chicago Update

Welcome to my weekly marathon and fundraising update. I am proud to report that Week 15 is behind me.  As you know, this was the peak of my training plan, and I was honestly a little afraid going into it.  I felt like David facing a 40-mile-high Goliath.  Fortunately, I had some fantastic help along the way. On a business trip in San Antonio, I had the pleasure of running the beautiful Riverwalk with my friend and colleague Leslie Norris. Leslie is on the Cheerios account team at Saatchi & Saatchi, and she has served as one of my running mentors over the past few months. She also was quick to contribute to support my efforts on behalf of the whole Saatchi team.  Pretty much the only thing that could get me running at 6:30 a.m. after an incredible meal of TexMex the night before is the opportunity to run with Leslie. On Saturday, I tackled the monster: the 20 mile long run.  Happily, the weather was fantastic, with temperatures in the 50’s and good cloud cover. Even better, I didn’t have to run it alone. A fellow running club member ran 16 miles of it with me and was willing to answer all of the open-ended questions about IT consulting that I could come up with. It was a fantastic distraction, and I actually felt great throughout the run.  I also had the chance to see two friends during the last 4-5 miles: Katy Dickson, who sprinted by like a rocket, and Helen Kurtz. It brought a much-needed spring to my step to see those friends toward the end of a very long 4 hours. On the fundraising front, we added 7 more donors and $1,035. I have now taken up my goal to $15,000.  I realize that I have lost all credibility as a forecaster, since I have increased my goal more times that I can remember.  All I know is that my original goal of $3,000 seemed ambitious, and you have collectively blown it away.  Thank you so much. With Week 16, the taper begins!  I can’t wait! Best, Meredith Week 15 Miles Run: 40 Cumulative Miles Run: 374 Donors: 107 Dollars Raised: $11,350 Weeks to Go: 3

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