Chasing Down a Cure: Meredith’s Week 16 Chicago Update

Welcome to my weekly marathon and fundraising update.  We are at T-minus 13 days and counting.

I am now tapering to store energy for the big day. This will allow me to be at my peak physically on October 9—well-conditioned but not run-down.  As my wise friend and avid runner Kristen Desmond told me, “LOVE the taper. BE the taper.”  I am happily taking her advice to heart. I am running a little less and enjoying it more.   After the 20 miler last weekend, I did start to feel run-down, so the taper could not have come at a better time.

One of the fun things that happened this week was a nice mention on the Team Fox blog.  At General Mills, when your brand starts to be referenced in blogs or other social networks, we refer to it as “earned media.”  This phrase takes on a new meaning when you are literally earning the media with sweat equity. Susan, Patty and I have collectively run more than 1,000 miles during our training.  I am so proud of our team, and I’m thrilled to have our work and the amazing fundraising that you’ve all made possible featured in this way.

It was an especially huge week on the fundraising front, with 9 more donors and $1,800 added to our total.  You all continue to amaze me, and I can’t wait to see where the total lands.

Week 17 should be positively pleasant, with just 21 miles on the docket.



Week 16 Miles Run: 27

Cumulative Miles Run: 401

Donors: 115

Dollars Raised: $13,150

Weeks to Go: 2

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