Week 13: Grateful Ninja

This was another huge week for Team Merrie Miles.

From a training standpoint, we are now smack in the middle of the “Monster Month.” Watt and I each had big runs this weekend. I was due for 18, and unfortunately, the warmer weather just couldn’t hold on. The windchill was about 20 when I headed out, covered in multiple layers. I caught a glimpse of myself as I passed a shop window and decided that I looked like a ninja warrior. That feeling stuck with me throughout the run, and I had to draw on that sense of supernatural strength and invulnerability to get through some of the tougher miles.

So much of running is mind over matter. My trainer, Luis, calls it “making amends with the pain.” You have to accept that there will be some discomfort and decide to keep going regardless. A great trick is distraction. I’ve been running alone, so I can’t rely on conversations with others. instead, I’ve focused on appreciating the beauty of the changing seasons. Minnehaha Creek is completely clear of ice in some spots, but it’s almost entirely iced over in others. It’s hard to capture the beauty of the sun glinting off the ice with a cell phone camera, but hopefully this provides an idea.


I also spend time cataloging all the things I’m grateful for. There are many, so this can occupy good chunks of the run. The ability to run at all is something I don’t take for granted. While it’s not always pleasant, I know I would miss it tremendously if it were taken away. I truly appreciate what my body can do, even though it does it more slowly and painfully than I would wish.

I’m also deeply grateful for Sam and the kids for giving me the flexibility to train. Marathon training requires many hours away from the family. Even when I’m back from a long run, I’m out of commission for hours. On Saturday, I got home and just laid on the floor for a while before finally managing the strength to limp upstairs, take a shower, and nap. Golf widows/widowers have nothing on the families of marathon runners. Without Sam, Abby, Boone and Ella’s support, there is no way I could do this.

Finally, I’m incredibly grateful to all of the friends and family who have supported Merrie Miles. Watt sent out his fundraising appeal this week, and the response has been amazing. Watt actually landed on the Team Fox webpage today as one of the top 10 individual fundraisers of 2015 to date.

Screenshot 2015-03-22 16.43.24

Together, Merrie Miles has raised $12,420 with the help of 67 incredibly generous donors, and we’ve still got over a month to go. Honestly, when things get tough on these long runs, your generosity keeps us going. If you want to keep tabs on our progress, check out our team fundraising page

Thank you so much for your support. 5 weeks to go until Marathon Day!

2 thoughts on “Week 13: Grateful Ninja

  1. goooo, Meredith and Miles! Good for you! London Marathon won’t know what hit it when you hit the course! 🙂 Meredith– training through Spring Break? Imagine you need to be tailing off the training soon.


    1. Oops. I meant, “Watt”, not Miles. Sorry! 🙂 I chalk it up to the mind warp that happens on the mornings of DayLight Savings day when you lose an incredibly valuable hour of sleep. Looking forward to hopefully meeting you, Watt, next month when Sam and Meredith are in town!


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